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Ultherapy® Tightens and Lifts Skin

Don’t let gravity get you down! Give yourself a lift with Ultherapy®, the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared ultrasound treatment for skin tightening and lifting that will give you a youthful appearance.

• Over the course of several treatments, Ultherapy® tightens and lifts the skin across the jawline, upper face and brows, the lower face and chin, as well as the chest and neck.

• Ultherapy® improves stubborn lines and wrinkles across the decolletage.

• It reconstructs your facial profile through a remodeling of your skin’s deepest layers to fight the pull of gravity and age.

• Skin looks younger with a healthy inner glow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultherapy® and how does it work?

Ultrasound technology is delivered into different layers of the skin to revive and regenerate collagen and elastin production — the framework of our skin and facial structures. The result is an incredible micro-rewind effect that helps to rebuild the skin’s structure and tighten and lift the skin over several treatment cycles spaced a few months apart.

What areas can be treated with an Ultherapy® treatment?

The face (upper and lower areas), neck and chest are the most common areas for treatment.

What are the benefits of Ultherapy®?

The benefits of Ultherapy® are seen with each new treatment, week-by-week. Skin will gradually appear younger, tighter and lifted in ways that will appear subtle and natural, not overdone or stretched. A bonus is that the “gooseneck effect,” caused by fine lines and wrinkles, gradually softens and becomes less noticeable with each successive treatment.

What’s the downtime and how does it feel?

Ultherapy® can be uncomfortable for some patients, but we do all that we can to make it manageable and pain-free. We recommend some tips and medications for pain management and always numb the skin before beginning treatment. Downtime is minimal, with some mild redness and flushing possible for a few hours post-treatment.

Is Ultherapy® right for me?

Before Ultherapy® sessions, we consult with patients to make sure each treatment is a good fit for their needs, goals, skin type and profile. Ultherapy® is often an excellent protocol for patients who are starting to see the pull of gravity across their face, neck and chest, or are experiencing looser skin and conspicuous lines and wrinkles. The treatments tend to be most popular among patients between the ages of 45 and 65, but this can vary.

What’s the best way to follow Ultherapy® sessions?

Hydrating and smoothing the skin is essential after Ultherapy®. Dr. Marnie recommends a number of excellent products, including her Ultra Light Moisturizer to sooth and calm sensitive skin, her Resurfacing Pad daily retinol treatment packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients that heal damaged skin, Isdin’s MelatonikTM restorative nighttime serum to restore vitality and elasticity and stimulate your skin’s natural antioxidant defenses, and Revision Skincare’s Nectifirm®Advanced enhances the skin’s own antioxidant system, making skin brighter and firmer, and is a great follow to Ultherapy® treatments.

After years of watching gravity take its course, I was introduced to Ultherapy®. The results are subtle and gradual but have transformed my confidence. I feel and look younger.