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To achieve bright, glowing skin — especially before an important event or meeting, special occasion or big date — the HydraFacial is a powerful three-in-one treatment that leaves skin looking healthy, beautiful and effortlessly luminous. This award-winning method takes a traditional facial to an entirely new level!

  • This treatment cleanses, exfoliates and infuses skin with potent anti-aging actives.
  • HydraFacial’s patented technology gives you an unmatched facial experience that works for all skin types.
  • It’s gentle, safe and requires no downtime, and is perfect to enhance your skin before an event or special occasion.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HydraFacial and how does it work?

The HydraFacial machine combines many common facial techniques and steps in one high-powered, precise device. First, the skin is deplaned with a tool that helps to open pores, cleanse and exfoliate. Next, the skin receives a gentle glycolic/salicylic acid peel for deeper exfoliation. This is followed by extractions using a vortex-extraction nozzle that works like a skin vacuum to unclog pores, decongest and clarify the skin. Finally, you’ll receive a serum infusion rich in antioxidants and collagen to promote hydration and anti-aging activity.

What areas can be treated by the HydraFacial?

The face, neck and chest are the most common treatment areas.

What are the benefits of the HydraFacial?

After a HydraFacial treatment, your skin is cleansed, hydrated and cleared — and will look better and better with each day. Most importantly, the instant gratification of a gorgeous post-facial glow is unlike anything your skin may have experienced previously.

Am I a good candidate for the HydraFacial? 

The HydraFacial is designed to be safe and effective for all skin types, which means that unless there are exceptional circumstances, this treatment is a perfect option for you and your skin and won’t necessarily require pre-treatment consultation.

What’s the best way to follow to a HydraFacial?

Dr. Marnie’s C Correcting Complex 30% and CE Ferulic Serum are perfect products to follow a HydraFacial. They both offer powerful protection against environmental skin stressors, offer Vitamin C to boost antioxidants and neutralize the free radicals that accelerate signs of aging. They also brighten the skin to keep that healthy, youthful glow. SkinMedica’s Instant Bright Eye Cream improves the appearance of skin all around the eyes, from dark circles and puffiness to fine lines and wrinkles, with potent antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Before board meetings, date night, or just day-to-day, the HydraFacial gives my skin life.