Mercury Filling Removal


Mercury Filling RemovalHaving you made the decision to remove your mercury fillings?  Or has the thought never crossed your mind?  Many opinions exist on the result of having mercury (or amalgam or silver) fillings in our mouths and for many people it is a great source of controversy.  If you are considering having your mercury fillings removed Dr. Marnie recommends you take into consideration these aspects

Choose a dentist who is experienced in placing alternative materials and is able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each material.  Gold, composite and porcelain are all great alternatives to replace missing tooth structures but no one material is universally ideal for all situations.

Choose the best material for the situation.  While a mouthful of huge mercury fillings has its disadvantages, an equal condition of huge composite fillings may be no better.

Replace your mercury fillings before your teeth crack.  Many of us are familiar with watching mercury in a thermometer easily show us changes in temperature.  This phenomenon occurs because the mercury expands and contracts greatly with changes in temperature and is described as a modulus of elasticity.  While the great debate on mercury is undecided science does recognize that dental amalgam restorations have a modulus of elasticity that does not match that of either dentin or enamel.  After a large mercury filling is placed the remaining tooth structure is often unsupported.  The result in the future is cracked and broken teeth.

If you are concerned with the systemic effects of mercury exposure  during the removal of your fillings we are happy to discuss the options of using vitamin C, chorella and cilantro as natural methods to potentially reduce the accumulation of mercury in your system.

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I cannot say enough about Dr. Plant and her staff. I have never had such personal care, starting with the receptionist as I walk through the door. They are always concerned about their patient and will do almost anything to make sure that your visit has been as pleasant as possible.
— Trish Waldie
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