Diet, Exercise and Sleep

Diet, exercise and sleep are the three pillars to good health. While you probably know about the importance of a balanced diet and the benefits of moderate exercise, chances are you often skimp on a good night’s sleep. However, researchers are now saying that sleep is the linchpin to healthy living. In other words, without good sleep hygiene, our health can fall apart, no matter how balanced our diet, how much fiber we consume and how many calories we burn.

Diet – The latest diet research indicates that we are more educated about healthy eating than ever before. This knowledge however is not necessarily translated into daily action. What is still needed is a follow through from healthy selections at the supermarket. A simple start is to commit to making wise food choices most of the time.

Exercise – Moderate exercise is most effective if we make a regular go of it. Even a brisk walk outside twice a week is beneficial to your health, compared to not exercising at all. Besides reducing the risk of heart-related diseases and diabetes, regular exercise also builds bone mass and elevates our sense of wellbeing. A simple start is to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Or even easier, park your car away from the doors to the mall and walk arm in arm with your child or partner to the entrance.

Sleep – Sleep hygiene may the least known aspect of health living. Many know that sleep is healthy for the brain, as it consolidates memory and reduces psychological stress. Sleep also is critical for the body, playing a large role in regulating metabolism and the immune system. A regular sleep life also provides routine that can help cement other healthy living practices, such as that morning walk.

Tooth friendly snacks and beverages
Water water water
Apples, celery, carrots or any other vegetable
Plain or natural flavored yogurts
Almonds, hard cheeses
Xylitol sweetened candy or gum

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