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Dr. Marnie Plant is an exceptional dentist and her office is amazing and feels like a luxurious spa. At the end of every appointment, you are given a hot cloth to cleanse your face and mouth, which is extremely refreshing and enjoyable. Dr. Marnie is extremely kind, knowledgeable, witty and friendly. When filling cavities and injecting needles she is amazing - I have never felt any pain or discomfort during any procedures she has performed and am completely satisfied with all of her work. Her hygienists and office staff are also excellent and efficient. I am particularly impressed with their scheduling process because they can either text, email or call you for appointment reminders and more importantly, I have never had to wait more than two or three minutes to be seen by either Dr. Marnie or Meg, my hygienist. Dr. Marnie offers modern, hi-tech equipment at her office. I particularly enjoyed the prophy jet polisher, which power washed my teeth with baking soda and high pressured air. It removed heavy tobacco and coffee stains and it was included in my regular appointment so was covered by my dental plan. There are also televisions mounted in the ceilings to entertain you during your appointments. She also brings in a variety of dental care products for patients to purchase at a reasonable price. I appreciate that she informs me of their benefits, but never pressures me to buy them. I highly recommend Dr. Marnie Plant.


— Laura C.
I had an amazing time very nice staff and very good at what they do.
— Dallas T.
I really appreciate the time and effort that you have put into me so that I was able to handle the work that Dr Demeter undertook.  Meg was great at reassuring me so I would follow through with that appointment.
— Michelle W.
I have always feared going to the dentist because of the needles. When the numbing gel is put in it always run down my throat which left me with numbness where it shouldn't have been and then needles still hurt. Dr Marnie did the numbing gel and freezing like the true professional that she is. The gel didn't run and the needle didn't hurt AT ALL. It was my first good experience with a dentist.
— Susanne C.
Presley LOVES going to see Dr. Marnie and all the staff (especially Sam, to whom shes taken quite a shine).  Thank you for making a 6 year olds first dentist experience a positive one.  Hopefully she wont need ativan like Grandma.
— Maggie K.
Always a pleasure:)
— Terry L.
I appreciated the efficient, and courteous treatment .
— Terry B.
We have all had very positive experiences with the people at Dr. Marnies dental practice. We highly recommend Dr. Marnie and trust her opinions regarding our dental health and care. I would not hesitate to refer her as she  has been wonderful to us.
— Colby B.
Going to your office is always a pleasure for both of us. The atmosphere is pleasant.

The staff are efficient and friendly. The equipment is most modern. Thank you all for being there for us.  Oh yeah, the reading material is great too!
— Ben C.
I appreciate the time effort put in to make my denture comfortable. Thank!
— Michelle W.
With Marnie and her team, going to dentist is never a stressful experience for my daughter and I.
— Valery M.
Great service as always girls!
— Jill P.
I can't think of anything that I would change. I find everyone...the whole staff....to be very friendly and I feel so at ease, which is not an easy task for me at a dentist office. I think that all of you are helping me get over my fear and I truly want to thank you all so very much. i think that you are all very special!!!!
— Bjorka U.
Everything was great!
— Kyle C.
Dr. Plant you have restored my faith in Dentist's and I must tell you that your staff, those that participated in my care, Sadie, Allison,and Doris are truly gems. I am so happy that you are my Dentist. I have shared my experience with all of my family and friends. You have all made me feel so cared about, for that I thank you.
— Martina K.
This was the best dental experience I have ever had! I feel so lucky to have such hire quality care! I will spread the word!!
— Margaret H.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Marnie R. Plants for 7 years now.  I showed up at her office needing a lot of dental work from a life long neglect of my teeth. I was looking to get more cavities fixed.

After Dr. Marnie Plant had a look at my situation including an underbite, she showed me what my options were and what she could do to help.  After much encouragement from her and her staff I went ahead with what Miss Plant thought was best for me, replace all my teeth (and missing ones)with crowns.

A lot of work, but I’d do it again in a heart beat to have this smile!

My new smile has given me confidence that I thought was only for others with beautiful teeth.  Marnie and staff have always treated me with respect and always have a smile to greet you with.
— Bryon Busse
My name is Trish Waldie and I am delighted to submit this testimonial for Dr. Marnie Plant and Staff.

I came to Kamloops 3 years ago from the Kootenays.  I had not been to a dentist in 12 years due to very uncomfortable circumstances with my dentist at that time and an ongoing fear of dentists from a very young age.

Before moving to Kamloops, I noticed and clipped an advertisement from the Kamloops paper, knowing that sometime in the future I was not going to have any choice about seeing a dentist.  Dr. Plant’s ad specified “Family and Apprehensive Adults”.  I also was hoping to find a lady dentist.  This ad gave me the best of both worlds.

One year after moving here I developed a very bad tooth ache and eventually made an appointment.  Marnie (I hope she is OK with me calling her that) made me feel very comfortable from the very first visit and of course wanted to know if this was just a “quick fix” or was I going to proceed with getting my oral health taken care of.  I took a deep breath and said I was prepared to continue, knowing I had a long haul ahead of me.

So here I am 2 years later and have had 4 fillings, 3 bridges, 4 crowns, 1 extraction and several cleanings.  I was pleased to see that Dr. Plant is not above sending her patient to a specialist if she thinks her patient would get better results – as it was with my extraction.  It was my choice to spread it over a two year period leaving a break in –between each new procedure.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Plant and her staff.  I have never had such personal care, starting with the receptionist as I walk through the door.  They are always concerned about their patient and will do almost anything to make sure that your visit has been as pleasant as possible.  As I think back today while writing this, I can honestly say that over these two years, I have not heard a single child crying.  I heard a child crying quite often at my last dentist.

I am finished my dental work and am very excited about the state of my teeth.  I want to thank Marnie and her staff for a very pleasant experience and would highly recommend her to any adult who has any fear of going to the dentist.
— Trish Waldie - June 5/07

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I cannot say enough about Dr. Plant and her staff. I have never had such personal care, starting with the receptionist as I walk through the door. They are always concerned about their patient and will do almost anything to make sure that your visit has been as pleasant as possible.
— Trish Waldie
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