Easter Is Around the Corner

You know what that means? CHOCOLATE. And bunnies. But mostly chocolate. Who doesn’t love mini eggs!?  This also means sugar overload! Sugar causes acid, acid causes decay. Saliva helps to reverse the effects of acids, but can take up to 30 minutes.

Here are some tips when indulging on Easter goodies:

1) Do not brush for 30 minutes

2) Finish with a piece of hard cheese, like cheddar!

3) Minimize the the frequency of snacking, best to eat all at once rather than grazing on sugar all day

4) Don’t forget fruits also contain fructose and can be acidic as well

5) Feel free to drop off any unwanted Easter treats at the office for our consumption

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Cold Sore? Check out this remedy!

Super fabulous review from Lydia today on her cold sore treatment!

Did you know that we can help with cold sores?

reaction after cold sore tx

reaction after cold sore tx


Here’s some interesting information:

“You can actually keep it from breaking out Read More »

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A Loved One Just Had a Heart Attack

What to know about gum health and cardiovascular health (and other systemic diseases) Read More »

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Home Made Anti Cavity Mouthwash

Why we still love it:

Xylitol is available at the health food store. It is proven to help kill the bacteria that causes cavities. Read More »

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Needing to visit before the holidays?

Can you believe Christmas is fast approaching?  Where does the time go?  Along with Christmas comes the end of year scramble for so many of us.  I’m not sure why but it always seems to me that the last few months of the year are often the busiest and most hectic!

Do you have that internal monologue that goes: “I need this here, and that there, and Oh Yeah! That visit to the dentist for my filling that I’ve been putting off forever”. Read More »

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Digital technology in dentistry

Improving technical innovation, communication and clinical outcomes. Sure that’s cool, but what about taking steps to save the environment. Now that’s really cool!!!!

The digital age is upon us. Everywhere you look you see advances in everything from your smart phone to improving how your food is delivered to your table. But have you ever thought about what digital technology means to your dentist and your overall impact on the environment? Read More »

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Help! My teeth are crowding after braces !

Many young adults are coming to our office with the same concern. Their teeth were “perfect” after their braces and now they are crowding again. While most of them were given a retainer of some sort to stop this movement, many have lost this appliance or it has broken over time and relapse of the teeth has occurred. Read More »

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Should I use a whitening toothpaste?

With seemingly dozens of choices on the supermarket shelves how do I pick a product for my family? Natural remedies like salt or baking soda were used by our grandparents. Then came choices for Read More »

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Dental Hygiene. What’s best for me?

How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned? Once every 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year. How do I know what is best for me?
Read More »

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Green tea to reduce under eye dark circles

Poor cool water over 2 green tea bags (with caffeine) and let steep a few minutes
Gently squeeze excess water from the tea bags Read More »

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